Thursday, February 5, 2009

Syuaib Birthday -Family Outing

Dinner Time
Mama & Babah
Mak Tok & Syuaib
Present from Mak Tok.
Present from me and Sharil.
CNY Celebration in Office Lobby during lunch.

Visited my collegue after giving birth to a baby boy in Bagan Specialist.

Yesterday we had a family outing in JayaJusco Perai. I love to be there -spacious,easy going and convenience. Mama and Syuaib waited for me and Sharil to arrived at the Red Island Cafe in Perda. Last minute, I change my mind to have dinner in Kenny Rogger. Then we went shopping for Syuaib present. Mama gave him new outfit. I & Sharil gave him Ultraman Stationary,VCD dan toys in advance 1 day. Hafeez stuck in the jam and arrived later. Then we went to TGV to watch Sifu & Tongga. I and Sharil want to watch Ong Bak 2 but unfortunately start at 11.20pm. It is a weekday we had to cancel our plan.

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