Wednesday, February 17, 2010



9.45am - We start our journey to Penang to attend a reunion In Gurney Plaza.
We reach Gurney at 10.55 am. Eveyone was there as planned. Nina, Nadia, Mustari, Umi ,Nora, Me,Sharil & Syuaib. We had lunch at Chillis.

I order Grilled Chicken Burger and the burger was huge.. Heee Hee Hee..

I had a wonderful time chatting, updating stories..

Around 1.30pm , Nadia and Nina make a move to attend a Wedding.Syuaib and Sharil go to children section. Umi , Nora, Tari and Me went to ladies dept. Window shopping.
Tari bought a lovely pink shoe.

By 2.30pm, we said goodbye..... :)..

Then we went to Kak Ena house. By 7pm we went to Ferenggi Night market. On the way, Sharil felt dizzy and his hand are numb. He was cold sweating . I was shock and asked him to let me drive. We spend 1 hrs at the night market. Syuaib request for a John Cena T-shirt .

I was a bit nervous driving but still focusing on the road. Alhamdulillah we arrived SP at 12am before Sharil continue driving back home.

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