Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a Busy week

24th August 2009 - 3rd day of Ramadhan,went to imigration Putrajaya to get the approval for new recruit Vietnamese.It took 1 hour and the job is done. Unfortunately my flight is at 5.10pm. i bought a book and spend my time at the surau. Then at 3.30pm i went to departure A03.

While waiting there was a couple sat beside me. I start the conversation and they are from Australia. Rita and her husband. Luckly they were around to wake up my sleepy eyes. I taught them some Malay words "Selamat pagi,budak baik,terima kasih".
I told them they should try the coconut rice.Nasi lemak le.

25th - Busy with payroll, imigration documents and need to investigate the stolen aluminium bar from store.

What a day....

26th - Meeting aduhhhh .... complete imigration document - renew,new recruit and checkpot memo.... Wahhhhhh .... tiredddd..

and the stupid buyer refuse to pay the rent while waiting for the loan to approve. Ishhhh masa nak beli tak mau pikier habis lani tak mau beli lak. smp dah sign.. apa kess laaa...

27th Ahhh at last finish the payroll.

Really need a massage.

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