Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Economic Crisis

The Economic Crisis is getting worse. More retrenchment of staff are implement to cost down. If we are still working Alhamdulillah. Cost saving are also need to be restructure and start from our own house.

I pity those who are effected. Most are us are not about this ex specially the housewives and teenagers. Hmm their spouse and people surrounding them need alert them. How to sustains??



I need to be strong. Need to focus. Development more multitasking. LEARN ABSORB USE MAINTAIN. Don't bother what people say or think. Be yourself and love yourself. TALK WHEN NECESSARY. DON'T KEEP TO YOURSELF ANY UNEASY FEELING. If the people is there talk smoothly with fact. Don't let other bully you. BE FIRM.

Desprate Housewives inspire me with their stories.

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